I am Jennifer Lynn.

I grew up in the spectacular mountains of Virginia.

In 1992, I moved to California to pursue a Master's degree at UCLA, which I received in 1994. I will always be a Southerner at heart, but one fabulous opportunity after another kept me in beautiful Southern California.

I am an artist.  

I photograph Weddings, Performing Arts (Dance, Music, Theater), and Events. I enjoy taking Family and Individual portraits and love getting to know you during this process.

I became a photographer because I am able to see and capture the most important moments of the most amazing days of your life and every day or your life.  Let me help you preserve the story of your life.

More about me:

I love...

My children.

Animals, especially dogs.

The smell of Jasmine in the Spring.

Music - all sorts.

and Cake with buttercream icing.

I believe in love, romance and forever.

I cry at every wedding I photograph. Because a wedding is the truest expression of the love between two people. The promise of forever. And the hope that two together are better for the world than one person alone.

And because Love is Love.

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