Sometimes when I take photos of my children, they are not what I think they should be. I have a vision in my mind of what I want. Then the child or the dog (in this case) doesn’t exactly cooperate. I suspect when other parents  see photos of their children, they sometimes feel the same way.

When I originally took these photos of Ethan and Jerry in 2012, I wasn’t thrilled. Jerry is WILD and Ethan was more interested in playing than being photographed.

Now when I see the photos I am so thankful to have them. They are the perfect representation of these boys, their love, adorable cuteness, playfulness and innocence.

Remember this when you photograph your child or when a professional does. Your child is perfect. Love their soul. Love them today and every day.

Another Fall High School sports season has come to an end. Here are some highlights of the 2015 Fall season in honor of the incredible athletes and their coaches, who worked so hard and allowed me to help them preserve their memories. You give true meaning to a quote from one my favorite teachers and authors, Steve Schultz, “What comes easy to us will never make us stronger.” 

I have lived the most amazing life in the theater. Dancing, acting, singing, and for the past two decades I have been blessed to photograph the most fabulous performers. I thought I would have a little break this summer, but luckily I did not. Here are a few photos from the Upstage Theater Arts School’s adorable production of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ last weekend. Thank you to my dear friend Melinda Keane of Keane Designs, who created the beautiful costumes for this show, for allowing me the opportunity to photograph for you! (

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