Wedding Planning and Vendors

I have been a fan of weddings since my earliest memory. Obsessed is probably a more accurate description. My little sister and I spent countless hours planning and acting out weddings in my Grandmother’s home. Dressing up in her lavish gowns, waltzing down her magnificent staircase to meet our handsome prince. Sometimes the planning got the best of us and we didn’t make it as far as the stairs.

This leads me to the importance of today’s blog post. I photographed my first wedding in 1998. It was a small affair held at a local park and filled with friends, food, balloons, and a lot of LOVE! Technically all that is needed to get married are two people who wish to ‘tie the knot’ and an officiant. However, a wedding is often a very good reason to hold the grandest party of your life. The planning of such can be very exciting but may become overwhelming at times.

Through the hundreds of weddings I have photographed, I have come across some incredible people who can help you out. In the wedding industry, we call them ‘Vendors’ and I have compiled a list of some of my favorites here. This is by no means an exhaustive list, nor do I insist that you work with any of these people. But, if you are struggling to find a florist, DJ, etc., or are just tired of searching among strangers, these amazing friends are great to call.

If you have questions about these services, vendors, or something you don’t see on this list, please ask me! I am always ready and excited to help. ❤ Jennifer

Vendors I Love

Party Planning - Circa 1975

Me, the Bride!! - 1975

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